Is There a Limit to Life Expectancy?

peopleLife expectancy is increasing by two years with every new decade.

And these statistics show no signs of flattening out. The average lifespan around the world is already double what it was 200 years ago.

Since the 1980s, experts thought the increase in life expectancy would slow down and eventually stop, but forecasters have repeatedly been proven wrong. So can we go on living longer and longer? Is there a limit to how long we can survive into old age?

¹Professor Tom Kirkwood from the Institute of Aging and Health at Newcastle University in England theorizes that our bodies are evolving to maintain and repair themselves better.

“We are reaching old age with less accumulative damage than previous generations. We are less damaged,” says Professor Kirkwood.

With people reaching old age in better condition, it’s safe to assume that this is partly due to better eating habits, lifestyle choices and nutrition-awareness.

¹Source: Apple Publishing Health Blog

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